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Our Products

Kahlm is working to be on the forefront of the cannabis industry, offering new and innovative products that change the way you look at cannabis.


Inspired by You

KAHLM spent a year developing its pre-roll product. The driving factor was you, the consumer. We talked to consumers; we asked for input; we even produced test product for focus groups (sorry if we missed you on that one). What we ended up with is a quality product that is convenient, quality, and affordable. Our sliding tin packs might be discreet, but our pre-rolls make a statement.


One of a Kind Paper

One look at KAHLM's pre-rolls and you know you're seeing something for the first time. We start with the highest quality paper, manufactured by the world's leading paper manufacturer. Our beautiful and unique ultramarine blue color was custom made for KAHLM without using any harmful chemicals.



KAHLM pre-rolls use a special high flow filter so you can enjoy the product from start to finish without thetypical harsh taste.